How to Know if a Raccoon Has Babies in My Attic

In every case when an Athens-Clarke raccoon is in the attic, there would be the nest of the baby raccoons also. It is especially true if you notice these Georgia raccoons during their nesting season. Typically, raccoons born during month of March and after then become bigger by April, however this may differ depending on country you reside in. those that live in warm climate, for instance, may own the baby raccoons nest in almost any month.

How to know if there are Babies or not?
The best way of being positive that there exist baby Athens-Clarke raccoons within the attic or not is to hear or see them, however it is better to assume that there may be some. Most of the raccoons which go into the building can be the mothers who look for the warm and safe place for creating the nest and have the babies there. You can make sure that the raccoons had the babies by seeing if they have protruding nipples, although this needs an excellent vision and getting closer to mother raccoons.

Looking for the Nest
As there can be the baby Georgia raccoons nest in the attic along with the presence of any of such animals, you are needed to look for the nest so that you take care of them. If you aren't able to see them with a quick glance within the attic, wait unless its night time and then listen. Let the sounds which guide you towards the nest. Also, you can search for the raccoon droppings for helping you to find their nest. With the raccoons may leave the waste all over the place, there may be the large amount of the waste placed near to their nest. Unluckily, the nests are found tucked inside eaves or at the inner side of walls.

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