How Dangerous is Bat Guano and How to Remove It?

On your way of bat exclusion from your space, make sure to avoid any contact with Georgia bat feces or Guano. It can be extremely dangerous and cause severe health issues, especially if inhaled. If you find any of the feces or Guano at your place, then make sure to have a proper inspection of the place and evaluate whether it's fresh or an old one. Without taking the precautionary measures do not get close to it.

How can it affect?
The Athens-Clarke bat droppings are dangerous for humans. They look like droppings of the mouse, but when touched, they can turn into powder. The power can be airborne and affect the respiratory system if inhaled mistakenly. It can cause histoplasmosis, and the person needs to have immediate medical aid.

Have your precaution kit
To avoid any critical situation when you are around bat feces, make sure to have the following things in your precaution kit:

  • An air mask
  • Hand gloves
  • Eye covers
  • Some Athens-Clarke newspapers or other material to collect feces without getting them powdered

  • Cleaning the area!
    While removing feces, make sure to consider the following:
  • Get yourself equipped with a safety suit and kit
  • Collect the waste in 3mm bag and dispose of the bag in a landfill
  • Spray the affected area with 10% bleach after cleaning
  • Change and wash your clothes immediately

  • Do not jump in on your own!
    If you found the existence of one bat or more at your Georgia place or in surroundings, then don't just jump into its removal on your own. Until you are not trained for that, you should avoid the situation. You can ask for the professional services that are equipped with the best of techniques and gadgets to help you in managing the condition.

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